Thursday, May 25, 2006

Hindi section of "Swami Vivekananda" blog presents excerpts from his writings in Hindi-Devanagari Unicode. A portion of letter reads क्या संस्कृत पढ रहे हो? कितनी प्रगति होई है? आशा है कि प्रथम भाग तो अवश्य ही समाप्त कर चुके होगे। विशेष परिश्रम के साथ संस्कृत सीखो। (वि.स.१/३७९-८०)
Another reads श्रेयांसि बहुविघ्नानि अच्छे कर्मों में कितने ही विघ्न आते हैं।

Sanskrit learning आओ सीखें संस्कृत भाषा at http://www.sanskritbhasha.blogspot.com/.

Saint Poet of India Tukaram.com site has complete Tukaram Gatha in Marathi with translations and well studied articles.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Learn Sanskrit authentic blog site at http://learnsanskrit.wordpress.com/. At present it is a mirror of Himanshu Pota's complete index of personal "Learn Sanskrit" site. It is recast and technically "RSS fed" by Karthik Raman. There is of course expectation that those who know Sanskrit can learn the method and post their thoughts regularly. It will help to add translations of difficult words for benefit of students for shanaiH kanthA shanaiH panthA shanaiH parvata la.nghanaM | This format will also allow adding comments and discussion that will stay together permanently. Any willing participants?

Eternal Relevance of Sanskrit, by V Sadagopan, an Invited Paper for Raja College, ThiruvayyARu's Conference on Sanskrit during the occasion of the 125th Anniversary of its Founding.

A primer in Grantha characters by A Venugopalan, posted at Digital South Asia Library.

News item, No guardians for old Sanskrit books in Indiatimes/The Times of India/Cities/Hyderabad.

Gita word search utility at Gita supersite http://www.gitasupersite.iitk.ac.in/. Search the word meaning with the steps Start Here/Search/select letter/select word/select verse number and study the verse, word-by-word meaning and commentary. svAdhyAn mA pramadaH |

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