Sunday, September 27, 2009

There is a well developed, scholarly site on the topic of Ancient Sanskrit, "an oldest known form of Sanskrit" that is distinguished from the presently known "Classical" Sanskrit that is believed to be developed around 400 BC. The topic is presented by Karen Thomson and Jonathan Slocum of the Linguistics Research center at University of Texas, Austin, and covers various lessons providing observation of distinct grammar style.

Visit http://sanskritebooks.org for downloadable links to Sanskrit books listed under various categories such as Dictionaries, Grammar (व्याकरणं), Learn Sanskrit, Plays (नाटकानि), Stories, Subhashitas et cetera. Most of these books are scanned printed books posted on internet for free download.

vadatu samskritam !
At putindiafirst.blogspot.com, read the benefits of Sanskrit learning and get tips to perform it with ease, but with determination! Here are some benefits identified :
  1. Samskrit Is Brain Development Tonic ! : Cognitive Capacity, Creativity, Competitiveness
  2. Most Scientific Language On Earth
  3. Samskrit Works On You ! (Even if you may not understand Samskrit)
  4. Your True Friend Through Your Journey
  5. It Helps To Purify Mind
  6. It's Heaven of Scientific Wealth
  7. Samskrit is Timeless Source of Human Values
  8. Foundation For India's Glorious Future
  9. Samskrit Makes The World A Livable And Lovable Place
  10. Samskrit Is Much Easier To Learn

  11. and to motivate you further
  12. Reasons That Have Deprived You From Learning Samskrit
  13. Samskrit Resources - Friend called 'Samskrita Bharati'
Looks like the presentation is going to lead to "All you Need to Know about Learning Sanskrit!"

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Download or subscribe and read Prabuddha Bharat or Awakened India, the official journal of the Ramakrishna Order started by Swami Vivekananda in 1896. The Advaita Ashram, with branches in Mayavati-Uttarakhand and Kolkata, through publications, weekly classes, and study circles provides a forum for discussion on various topics related to Advaita Vedanta with emphasis on teachings by the trio, ,Shri Ramakrishna Sharada Devi, and Swami Vivekananda. The site also has downloadable audio lectures. Write for the journal, subscribe, and advertise your business an projeccts in the journal. Also read an appeal for its support.

News article in hindimedia.in : इन गाँवों में संस्कृत बोलते हैं लोग. In these villages, majority of people speak Sanskrit कर्नाटक का मुत्तुरु, उत्तर प्रदेश के बागपत जिले का बावली ग्राम, मध्य प्रदेश के नरसिंहपुर जिले का मोहद, मध्य प्रदेश के राजगढ़ जिले का झिरी, राजस्थान के बाँसवाड़ा जिले का गनोडा. Participate in similar efforts personally.

The Arsha Vidya Vahini has formatted Sanskrit texts of "prasthAna trayI," three pillars of Vedantic scriptures. In his MP3 audio talks clips, the founder Acharya Sri Prem Siddharth has addressed many topics such as Significance of Human Birth, Benefits of Meditation, Art Of Parenting, Bhaja Govindam, Upadesha Saaram, Jeeva Yatra, Sadhana Panchakam, Shiva Aparadha Kshamapana Stotram et cetera. There are some refreshing statements by Siddharthji in the questions-answers' sections :

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