Sunday, March 07, 2010

A Jain eLibrary comprises of a vast collection of literature on Jain principles. The project involves an online, ever-growing, well-coordinated collection of scriptures, manuscripts, dictionary, encyclopedia, articles, magazines, and ancient and contemporary books in English, Hindi, Gujarati, Sanskrit, and other languages related to Jainism. It contains ancient and modern literature representing all aspects of Jainism. Catalogues of Jain manuscripts of various Jain libraries add to the diversity of this collection. A 4 DVD Set containing 2000 Jainism eBooks in various languages and Catalogue is available for purchase. This is a collective effort by Jain Education International Organization and various Jain organizations.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

There are many sites that support transliteration for generation of display in many Indian scripts with Unicode format. Depending on one's preference and interest, these provide free, instant or online/off-line processing help in encoding. Some of these are listed here for reference (opens in new window): Web Interface/webitrans, Itranslator, Baraha/Direct, Sanscript (learnsankrit.org), Aksharamukha, HiTrans, Girgit, Shabdakosh, Mudgala-ime, Gumpad, Google Indic Transliteration and IME, Microsoft ILIT, akSharamAlA, quillpad, IITMadras Multilingual, HindiTypePad, UniNagari, maayboli, Pramukhpad, sarasvati, gujaratilexicon, Itrans2IAST, WebDunia, LexiLogos, WriteKA, Wordpress MonuSoft, UtopianVision, Kavitype, HindiIni, and perhaps many more unaccounted (!). With commonality provided by Unicode worldwide, most of these utilities cover typing and display of Devanagari (Sanskrit/Hindi/Marathi/Nepali), Gujarati, Punjabi/Gurumukhi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali and Oriya scripts. Wikipedia pages 1 and 2 provide a comprehensive list of such Indic support sites. Conversion utilities for to-and-from other fonts-based display are available at Mangla, Technical-Hindi-Group, Pratibhaas, Granthamandira, UPenn.

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