Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Lyrical Thyagaraja Blog (http://www.lyricaltyagaraja.com or LTB or its blogspot mirror) has a refreshing and uncommon approach to understand the lyrics of Tyagaraja in proper context, to learn his sublime message, and enjoy the music fully. The site is meant to be for both "informed readers and readers new to Indian music and culture." Each rendition/Kriti is addressed with authentic translation with an eye towards the translation as an independent art form. Read the note about themes in the works of Tyagaraja. Each posting is tagged for easy categorization, and with particular Raga, Tala and well studied comments to get the insight. Audio files of most of the songs are not included for copyright purpose, and are available elsewhere and can be searched online. Although Tyagaraqja, regarded as Saint, wrote compositions and plays in Telugu, he wrote a few famous songs in Sanskrit which are also addressed on the blog. The reader is encouraged to explore the site, and post comments and suggestions online or over email at lyricaltyagarajablog@gmail.com. A PDF version of all posts is available upon request. This is a much larger undertaking, and only a few posts are made available to gauge the response and encouragement from readers like you. The author states that the message of this site is simply : "Music transcends all. Music is universal! Music is life!"

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