Friday, June 08, 2012

Explore the PHP/JAVA/Unicode based Online Sanskrit Tools at http://greenmesg.org ,   the site dedicated for "Green Message: The Evergreen Messages of Spirituality, Sanskrit and Nature."  Apart from inspirational quotes of Shri Ramakrishna, Swami Vivekananda, Ramana Maharshi, the pages have Shlokas with meanings, information on Temples and Saints, a four-liner set of poems on Nature elements, along with extensive tools for learning Sanskrit, Tamil, and internet Tools.
The Sanskrit portion of the site is an excellent must-use utility for a beginner as well as advanced students.  The categories of the tools are
  • 03.  Sanskrit English Pad: HTML code generation and formatting Sanskrit words within English sentences.
  • 04.  Sanskrit Noun Declension: Examples of Sanskrit Noun Declensions automatically generated based on the selection of noun and pronoun or based on word ending, gender, number, and case.  A table is generated instantly.
  • 05a.Sanskrit Sandhi Rules: Sanskrit Sandhi Rules with examples.  These are based on vowels, visarga, and consonants.
  • 05b.Sanskrit Sandhi Tool: Combine Sanskrit words with word inputs in Unicode or Kyoto transliteration.
  • 06.  Sanskrit Sentences: Examples of Sanskrit sentences with grammatical analysis
  • 07.  Sanskrit Sorting Tool: Sort Sanskrit words online with Devanagari unicode input.  The sorted words are listed as per Devanagari sequencing.
  • 08a.Sanskrit Verb Conjugation Rules: Verb Conjugation Rules with examples
  • 08b.Sanskrit Verb Conjugation Tables: Verb Conjugation Tables with operation summary
  • 09.  Sanskrit Word List: Sanskrit words under different categories,  The word list is sorted for beginners as for Animals, Colors, Fruits, Greetings, Nature, Numbers, Occupations, Relations, and Time.  On advanced level, the classification is done with Verb Roots (Dhatu), Indeclinables, Pronouns, Grammar Elements, and Grammar Terms further classified as alphabets, noun and verb numbers, persons, tenses, moods, classes, genders, and classes.  The selection is sorted with Devanagari sequence.
  • 10. S anskrit Writing Pad: Write Sanskrit using English.
The feedback contact is nature.and.poetry at gmail.com

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