Sunday, April 03, 2016

Pradakshinam, http://www.pradakshinam.com provides interesting information as categorized lists of Sanskrit words. The lists include
      • Relationships in Sanskrit
      • Names of Months in Sanskrit
      • Sanskrit Names of Time Periods
      • Planet Names in Sanskrit
      • Sanskrit names of Professionals
      • Sanskrit names of Instruments used in Kitchen
      • Sanskrit Names of Feelings & Emotions
      • Technical Words in Sanskrit
      • Names of Vegetables in Sanskrit
      • Name of Flowers in Sanskrit
      • Name of Fruits in Sanskrit
      • Respectful words in Sanskrit
      • Name of Body Parts in Sanskrit
      • Writing Materials in Sanskrit
pradakshina.com also has YouTube channel with HD quality Videos. Some of the notable ones are सायं काले त्वम्बरकोणे (Sanskrit Song), भारतमेतन्ममराष्ट्रम् Samskrutha Thiruvathira (lyrics), another Samskrutha Thiruvathira, a unique dance form from Kerala, अनुभवकथनम् .. sharing experience in learning Sanskrit, and short lectures How Sanskrit helped my career by Dr. E. Sreedharan and "Mokshadayini Sanskrit" - Corporate Chanakya Radhakrishnan Pillai. There is a separate section of "sarala Sanskritam" and tables for vibhakti pratyas for different letter ending words.

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