Saturday, May 31, 2008

Key to the Vedas : Integral Hermeneutics by M. I. Mikhailov and N. S. Mikhailov. A detailed summary is available at itved.com along with other books by Mikhailovs. Authors warn that "Contrary to popular belief, one of the biggest problems facing Vedic and Sanskrit start-up scholars is NOT lack of information... It's INFORMATION OVERLOAD... False promises... Usual pitfalls of colonial, naturalistic, nationalistic and religious ideology..." Authors are founders and supporters of the Online International Academy of Vedic Programming.

http://www.vedicsciences.net/ has a collection of articles with studied photographs and well formatted presentations on the various topics of Vedic literature and its scientific implications. The topics include Vedic Mathematics, The Vedic Paradigm's approach to knowledge, Consciousness Within Science?, Oriental Seeds in Occidental Soil, Sanskrit — Language of Enlightenment, and Sanskrit and Artificial Intelligence.

See also
Sanskrit Voice for additional articles and an interface to McDonnel's Sanskrit dictionary.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

The blogger.com engine now allows "Blog in your native Indic script, Convert English characters to Indic script as you type! This may increase the number of sites that use Devanagari/Sanskrit display.

Daniel Salas has been involved with Sanskrit Decipherment of the Indus Valley Script. See various links of Daniel's bold discoveries with diagrams and graphs for Metal and Writing in the Bronze Age Indus Valley; 'Metal' Teacher of the Planets; Guru Jyotis; MahAdeva "City of Buddha," Evolution from the Indus Script; Sumerian to Indus translitation; and pages on Vira-bhadra, Gandharva.

Chetan has created Sanskrit utilities that cover Ajax-Based Online Interface to Monier Williams Sanskrit Dictionary using a Java-J2EE Backend, Transliterator to generate display in Devanagari using multiple transliteration schemes (Itrans, Kyoto, and single key map), a Sandhi engine that joins two words and displays them in Devanagari, and a Pratyahara-Decoder based on the Shiva sutra of Panini. The Java based sandhi project software is available for download. An article "Introduction to the Technique of Paninian Grammar" supplements the utilities. The dictionary allows Copy to ClipBoard function for the Devanagari/eLatin Output and makes it more User-Friendly.

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