Sunday, September 27, 2009

vadatu samskritam !
At putindiafirst.blogspot.com, read the benefits of Sanskrit learning and get tips to perform it with ease, but with determination! Here are some benefits identified :
  1. Samskrit Is Brain Development Tonic ! : Cognitive Capacity, Creativity, Competitiveness
  2. Most Scientific Language On Earth
  3. Samskrit Works On You ! (Even if you may not understand Samskrit)
  4. Your True Friend Through Your Journey
  5. It Helps To Purify Mind
  6. It's Heaven of Scientific Wealth
  7. Samskrit is Timeless Source of Human Values
  8. Foundation For India's Glorious Future
  9. Samskrit Makes The World A Livable And Lovable Place
  10. Samskrit Is Much Easier To Learn

  11. and to motivate you further
  12. Reasons That Have Deprived You From Learning Samskrit
  13. Samskrit Resources - Friend called 'Samskrita Bharati'
Looks like the presentation is going to lead to "All you Need to Know about Learning Sanskrit!"

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