Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Sanskrit Primer is now available as an iPhone and Android application. It is developed by Krishna Varma (KV). Visit his blog, http://iphonesanskrit.blogspot.com/ or at http://sparshapps.com/, and provide your comments and suggestions. . KV also has iphonegita.blogspot.com Bhagvadgita for iPhone, and iphonevishnu.blogspot.com Vishnu Sahasranaama on the iPhone, and may set plans to add more depending on user's response and needs.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pandanus is a biannual international journal in English on nature symbolism in Literature, Art, Myth, and Ritual. As an outcome of 12+ years of efforts of Prof. Jaroslav Vacek and others, the Pandanus project at Prague, Czech Republic has resulted in presenting Database of Plants and searchable collection of Sanskrit electronic texts. Indian Plants Database has more than 4000 plant names of almost 400+ species in 8 languages (Latin, Sanskrit, Prakrit, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Malayalam, and English). Click on http://iu.ff.cuni.cz/pandanus/database/. Select Sanskrit tab to view plants with Sanskrit names. The searchable Sanskrit texts include 35+ of the large size documents available at etexts page, all transcribed and proofread by students of the Seminar of Indian Studies. (If a word is searched, and a verse selected for given text, clicking on the last line of the verse brings the next verse in line and so the entire text can be read but one line at a time.) The data for the project is jointly sponsored by Institute of South and Central Asian Studies, Philosophical Faculty, Charles University in Prague, Seminar of Indian Studies at Prague, Czech Republic.

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