Friday, August 05, 2011

A Sanskrit Lyrical Ramayana Epic Poem, Gītarāmāyaṇam, composed by Svāmī Rāmabhadrācārya with Hindi meanings (2.57 MB) is available at http://jagadgururambhadracharya.org, or directly. He has also composed Bhāvārthabodhinī, Hindi (Rāmacaritamānasa commentary), Bhṛṅgadūtam, Sanskrit (Minor messenger poem), Arundhati , Hindi (Epic poem), and Śrībhārgavarāghavīyam, Sanskrit (Epic poem). In spite of loosing eyesight at infant age of two months, Swamiji has shown prodigal feats in memorizing complete Bhagvadgita and Ramacharitmanas at very young age. With exceptional grasp of devotional literature, intense education, and immense resolve, he has shown miraculous success in composing various large metrical poems. Listen to his lectures in Hindi on Ramayana at Videos gallery.

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