Tuesday, July 30, 2013

An online portal (http://www.sanskritfromhome.in) for Sanskrit Learning has been launched by Ideas Software and Consulting Pvt Ltd (Bangalore) in association with Samskrti Foundation (Mysore). The portal, named vyoma-samskrta-pathashala, is intended to provide a collaborative platform for Sanskrit teachers and students.

Currently it offers an interactive self-learning course for Beginners in Sanskrit. It also contains a course for school students (studying 10th standard in Karnataka), and a course for Grammar paper of MA exam conducted by Karnataka State Open University (KSOU). Several other courses are targeted at different groups of learners. Please send your suggestions and feedback through email at sanskritfromhome@isacweb.com

From the same team at sanskritfromhome.in there is now a new venture vyomalabs.in to have online training course for CBSE X Sanskrit Students. Vyoma Labs is a non-profit organisation that brings together sanskrit and technology. They are probably the only private organisation in India working in the Sanskrit domain. The organisation is funded by a group of sanskrit enthusiasts. The CBSE 10th Standard gives students explanations at length regarding Sanskrit concepts - Reading in Sanskrit, Writing in Sanskrit, Concepts in Sanskrit Grammar, Sanskrit Prose and Sanskrit Poetry. Among other products are Flagship Product:- Samskruta Balamodini, Samskrit Sandhis for beginners, Ashtadhyayi, Shabda-Roopa-Sangrahah, and Shishugeetaani and more.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sanskrit Grammar, पाणिनीय-व्याकरणम्‌— नवीना दृष्टिः a new approach to learning grammar presented by students of Smt. Dr. Puspa Diiksita (called mAtA) with her unique approach, "techniques which Panini used to achieve the critical task of groupifying and organizing the elements", so called "a new approach." The process is broken in eight parts

1 - धातुगण-परिचयः dhAtugaNa parichayaH
2 - माहेश्वराणि सूत्राणि mAheshvarANi sUtrANi
3 - मातुः पाठस्य वैलक्षण्यम्‌ mAtuH pAThasya vailakShaNam
4 - धातुविज्ञानम्‌ dhAtuvijnAnam
5 - सार्वधातुकप्रकरणम्‌ (अदन्तम्‌ अङ्गम्‌) sArvadhAtukaprakaraNam (adantam)
6 - सार्वधातुकप्रकरणम्‌ (अनदन्तम्‌ अङ्गम्‌) sArvadhAtukaprakaraNam (anadantam)
7 - आर्धधातुकप्रकरणम्‌ ArdhadhAtuprakaraNam
8 - करपत्राणि, वर्गस्य क्रमे karapatrANi, vargasya krame

The lessons are all in Sanskrit and beginners are expected to learn through "Abhyasa-Pustakam" independently, with basic understanding of present-tense verbs and nouns up through i-kArAnta (muni), u-kArAnta (shishu), and R^i-kArAnta (kartR^i).

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