Wednesday, December 29, 2004

The Indian Drama site Bharatiya Drama, is built by Prachi Shah with the help of her father and Gujarathi dramatist Dr. Dhanvant Shah. It is supposed to be "the glimpses and synopses of all the Indian dramas of all the regional languages" but certainly falls short. It needs to extend contacts outside the Mumbai region, Gujarathi language, and bookish information. The guestbook responses are humorous. It covers major topics as "Origin of Indian Dramas, Glimpses of Bharat Natyashastra, Ancient Indian Sanskrit Dramas, a list of theatres/auditoriums, Indian Regional Dramas, a bibliography, and major personalities. There is a quote from Bharata's Natyashastra in shloka collection which summarizes the purpose of Drama in everyone's life:

lIleyaM dhaninAM dhR^itistu sukhinAM shikShApramattAtmanAM
sa.nsAra sthiti rIddashIti viratirnAnAvidhA yoginAm |
prItiH kAvya rasAshinAM nava navA kIrtiH kavInAmiyam
vidyA nATaka sa.nj~nitA bhagavatI vishvopakArakShamA ||

A simple search leads to other sites related to Sanskrit/Indian Drama and Theater:

Indian Theatre History

Sanskrit Drama,

Alexander in Sanskrit Drama,

Sanskrit dramas enacted in Koodiyattam,

Thesaurus of Sanskrit drama,

Marathi Kala Manch, and so on.
With the loss of investindia.com site, the online information on " Tales From Sanskrit Dramatists," and "Synopses of several Sanskrit plays" is also lost. There is no cached information available.

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