Saturday, June 11, 2005

Commencement Ceremony (not Pre) at MIT Commencement 2005: Webcast has first few minutes of invocation in video format by Swami Tyagananda of Vedanta Society of MIT. The text of the speech is available on Commencement invocation page.

The Sanskrit text is from the concluding section of Rigveda: (given here in ITRANS transliteration)
sa.n gachchhadhvaM sa.n vadadhvaM sa.n vo manaa.nsi jaanataam.h .
devaa bhaaga.n yathaa puurve sa.njaanaanaa upaasate ..

[samaano mantraH samitiH samaanii
samaanaM manaH saha chittameshhaam.h .
samaanaM mantramabhimantraye vaH
samaanena vo havishhaa juhomi ..] omitted

samaanii va aakuutiH samaanaa hR^idayaani vaH .
samaanamastu vo mano yathaa vaH susahaasati ..

from R^igveda ma.nDala 10: 191:2\-3\-4
"May we come together for a common purpose. May our minds be of one accord. Let us join our thoughts for integrated wisdom. Common be our prayer, common our goal. Common be our purpose, common our desires. Unified be our hearts. United be our intentions. Perfect be the unity amongst us all." The text in Devanagari script is available as saj~nAnasUkta in Sanskrit documents' Veda Sukta portion along with other Vedas.

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