Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Sanskrit Wikipedia Information and Links in Sanskrit to many areas of study. The page is translated in Sanskrit-Devanagari. "vikipIDiyaa ekaH bahubhAShAsu muktaH vishvakoshaH asti | sa.nskR^iktabhAShAyaaH vikipIDiyaa juuna 2004 tame shubhArambhitaH |" This is an interesting development relying on the participation of countless volunteers. The information is expanded in true web manner and can be distracting at times. Volunteers need to train themselves in using unicode editors.

There are quite a few Devanagari unicode generators available these days. Use itrans, Devanagari Generator using Itrans online, aksharamala, Itranslator, Javascript limited Hindi-unicode, chhahAri Unicode-based Nepali/Devnagari Editor, Hindi keyboard, baraha, Database of Indian Sacred Scriptures site, and TDIL. All these have convenient interfaces. See additional information about unicode devanagari at Alan Wood’s Unicode Resources Test for Unicode support in Web browsers Devanagari, Devanagari writing, and Hindi translation of what is Unicode. Additional links are given in Sanskrit FAQ.

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