Saturday, June 25, 2005

Technology Development for Indian Languages (TDIL), a Government of India undertaking, has launched a free suit of Tamil and Hindi software tools and fonts and has plans to expand it to other Indian languages. The effort is direccted to the goals of "Building Global Community, Sharing Research and Development, Addressing Common Man's Needs." The work is briefly expressed in a news item. The package includes fonts, Web browser, dictionary, Keyboard drivers, Open Office suite, E-mail, Text to speech, Spell checker, Optical Character Reading (OCR), Word Processor, Typing tutor, and Transliteration tool. The group producecs vishwabhArat@TDILmagazine/manual with comprehensive links and information about technological development, worldwide, related to the Indian languages. Downloading is easy and the site is well dedveloped. An online English Hindi translator is available. Registration is a courtesy and is not needed for downloading.

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