Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Prem Pahlajrai's Home Page contains
* Round-table discussion on Textual Interpretation & South Asian History Thurs, Oct 27 2005
* The Authorship of the Pañcadaśī and the Textual Context of its Tr̥ptidīpa-prakaraṇa - MA Thesis, 2005
Doxographies - Why six darśanas? Which six? - 2004 Graduate Student Colloquium presentation
* Different Varieties of Vedānta - 2003 Graduate Student Colloquium presentation
* Unicode HTML Version of Monier-Williams Sanskrit English Dictionary
* Hindi home page
* The Alan Entwistle Indian Gods & Goddesses Image Collection (part of the Eastern Religions RELIG 202 course page)
* The Alan W. Entwistle Indian Hindi Poster Collection (part of the Resources for learning Hindi page)
* Pañcadaśī Chapter 7
* Sanskrit Paradigms

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