Saturday, June 24, 2006

There is a small group of people involved with Speak Samskrit Study in US offering weekend workshops, lectures, and help to learn to speak Sanskrit. (Many of the volunteers in this group learned the proven Sanskrit speaking skills at Samskrita Bharati.) See Pictures and Videos of the activities. In the long term, the contents on the mainpage of www.speaksanskrit.org will be directed to interface Sanskrit lovers around the world. There is a plan for

a) gathering info on sanskrit activities
b) one-stop place to get all links related to sanskrit resources at one place, and present it in an ordered fashion - online, as well as where to buy books, CDs etc etc
c) links to sanskrit forums, blogs ....
d) resources like mp3s of samskrita kathas, may be some videos, text material.

This is a new start and the undertaking is not a small task by any means. Earlier attempt to build an online forum (e.g. now discontinued http://sanskrit.bhaarat.com, humanities.language.sanskrit) was not successful. There is enthusiasm in the group and it depends how others support with their participation.

Can a self study of the literature and philosophy available in Sanskrit, and its implementation in day to day activities, be promoted by learning how to speak Sanskrit?

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