Sunday, May 20, 2007

http://sss.vn.ua is a Russian site that presents many religious topics. Dattatreya page http://dattatreya.ru/ developed by Vasyl Vernyhora with many of his own translations of major texts has many audio stotras. There are Datta puja and Shri Vidya puja in audio format. Also, on a subpage of the main site, there are quite a few audio clips of Gayatri mantras available at http://sss.vn.ua/audio/gayatris/. In addition, "Maps Of India" and "Photo-galleries Of India" are useful features.

To read the Russian contents in different languages, use
http://babelfish.altavista.com/ and enter the site to view/translate and the language from/to and then click on the Translate button. The translation is certainly not accurate but will give a glimpse and some details of information.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


The site has mp3 of all 4 vedas (including shukla and krisha of yajur)recorded
and made available by Indian Institute of Scietific Heritage,Kerala.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Have a look at the collection of stotras with refreshing presentation at http://www.stutimandal.com/. The site has texts and images of various deities.

The MP3 files of complete chanting of Rigveda, Yajurveda, Atharvaveda, and Samaveda along with speeches and articles on the subject are available at http://www.nandanmenon.com/, the leading site for the Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage http://www.iish.org, astrojyoti.com, and http://www.gatewayforindia.com/vedas/vedas.html.

Here are some newer web-logs (blogs) in Sanskrit in addition to those presented on July 29, 2006
http://satyayugam.blogspot.com by M. R. Rao
http://kalidasa.blogspot.com by Ajit Krishnan
http://koham.wordpress.com by Avinash Varna

Also read
Richness of Sanskrit Language by Daddy.
Summer Courses on Indian Culture/Sanskrit at Rutgers University, New Jersey.

Vishal Monpara has developed software tools to write Indian scripts online. Visit his site http://www.vishalon.net/, and select typepads for several languages.

पांच संस्कृत मनीषियों को भवभूति, भर्तृहरि और पतंजलि पुरस्कार |
On 16th April, in Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal, Madhyapradesh, five Sanskrit scholars were honoured with Bhavabhuti, Bhartrihari, and Patanjali awards.
Bhavabhuti: Shriramachandra (Karnatak) for his lifelong service for Sanskrit
Bhartrihari (2005-2006): Pt. Jagadish Prasad Tripathi (kaTanii)
Bhartrihari (2006-2007): Shri Ranganathacharya (Ujjain)
Patanjali (2005-2006): Shri Somanath Nene
Patanjali (2006-2007) Shri Bhagavat Sharan Shukla
In his speech, the chief guest Shri Ishvardas Rohani said that "to discover the knowledge contained in the Vedic/ancient literature, knowing Sanskrit is the only means. The spiritual knowledge was discovered, retained, and presented by the sages after thousands of years of research and tradition. To have this tradition maintained, the government should make efforts to teach Sanskrit to children from the first grade."
Rest of the news item.

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