Sunday, May 13, 2007

पांच संस्कृत मनीषियों को भवभूति, भर्तृहरि और पतंजलि पुरस्कार |
On 16th April, in Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal, Madhyapradesh, five Sanskrit scholars were honoured with Bhavabhuti, Bhartrihari, and Patanjali awards.
Bhavabhuti: Shriramachandra (Karnatak) for his lifelong service for Sanskrit
Bhartrihari (2005-2006): Pt. Jagadish Prasad Tripathi (kaTanii)
Bhartrihari (2006-2007): Shri Ranganathacharya (Ujjain)
Patanjali (2005-2006): Shri Somanath Nene
Patanjali (2006-2007) Shri Bhagavat Sharan Shukla
In his speech, the chief guest Shri Ishvardas Rohani said that "to discover the knowledge contained in the Vedic/ancient literature, knowing Sanskrit is the only means. The spiritual knowledge was discovered, retained, and presented by the sages after thousands of years of research and tradition. To have this tradition maintained, the government should make efforts to teach Sanskrit to children from the first grade."
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