Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Google Indic Transliteration has some intelligence added to the data base; Sanskrit sanskrit samskrit saMskrit give the संस्कृत. The letter अ on the top left needs to depressed to get the Devanagari characters and can be used as a toggle between Devanagari and Roman. hindi/Hindi and hiMdi give different output, first with nasal n and next with anusvAra. A space after any word/letter prompts the conversion. Clicking on the word allows selection of multiple choices in addition to the editting feature. Marathi La and Ra are missing. It is a matter of time that this gets expanded in other Indic scripts. The unicode output is transferable to Word, notepad or such editors. A similar creative online tool built by an enthusiast, without the mega resources of Google, that also parallels the development, can be seen at bhomiyo.com where Typepad | X-literate Site | X-literate Text Tools are available in various language scripts.

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