Sunday, October 12, 2008

॥ वृत्तेन आर्यो भवति ॥ "vR^ittena Aryo bhavati" is the guiding principle for a new site SuSanskrit.org. संस्कृत के बिना भारत की भव्य संस्कृति, नीतिमूल्यों, और जीवनमूल्यों को यथास्वरुप समझना संभव नहीं । It is developed to promote Sanskrit and Sanskriti for layman as a non-profit initiative. The site is displayed in Devanagari Unicode with Hindi translation. (set your browser for UTF8 encoding everytime). It contains subhAshita-s by subject, suktis (one liners), useful articles in Hindi, Gita chapters and more. You can contribute with your entries. विद्यार्थीयों की संस्कृत में रुचि और भाषासमागम बढाने के यज्ञ में सम्मिलित होने की भावना भी यहाँ ज़रुर रही है । It also facilitates searching, sorting, and Devanagari/Hindi (and other scripts) typing using Pramukh Pad developed by Vishal Monpara.

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