Saturday, November 22, 2008

Gita Foundation, Miraj, Maharashtra has published a special Diwali Magazine dharmayaj~na 2008 (धर्मयज्ञ दिवाळी अंक २००८) in Marathi. "नैतिकतेच्या अतिरेकास उत्तर देण्याचा नैतिकतेस प्रवृत्त करणारा यज्ञ म्हणजे धर्मयज्ञ॰" The trust is formed by Mr. Dilip V. Apte and a few friends. The special issue is available in PDF format on the site and includes referencee articles by notable individuals.
Subscription to the foundation includes this issue (128 pages) with an audio CD of Gita and portion of Bhagavat, and a monthly newsletter of approximately 40 pages. All proceeds go to needy Children's Education foundation.

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