Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sanskrit lessons, exercises, and solutions built by Alois Payer with help from Margarete. (The original German site is at http://www.payer.de/skrtlink.htm and the link here is translated through babelfish). The collection includes i) Indian history with information on inscriptions, coins, inheritances, and sources from Chinese, Tibetan, Arabic, Persian, Turkish, European records; ii) Sixty detailed Sanskrit lessons with exercises and solutions; iii) Notes on sandhi, roots, tenses, upasarga, suffixes etc.; iv) Apte's student's guide to Sanskrit compositions; v) Selected translations of charakasaMhitA, kAmasUtra, kauTilIya arthashAstra, dharmashAstra, manusmriti, nAradasmriti, shaivagamaparibhAShAmanjarI, and somadeva's kathAsaritasAgara; and vi) compilation of notes on Carnatic music. The individual pages in HTML format are made more interesting with excellent photographs and information interspersed throughout. The collection is part of department of Sanskrit of Tüpfli's global Village Library that addresses other topics. They offer it as "Free information for free citizens."

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