Monday, October 05, 2009

The Computational Linguistics R&D, a Special Center for Sanskrit Studies at Jawaharlal Nehru University (J.N.U), New Delhi supports research in several areas of language technology for Sanskrit and other Indian languages. The center is supported by TDIL, a Government of India undertaking. The center has developed various unique tools to help students learn Sanskrit as a language as well as the source of the ancient literature. Some of the tools are : Online-Offline Sanskrit Multimedia & e-learning, Sandhi Generator, Subanta Generator, Online Multilingual Amarakosha, Mahabharata Search, Morphological Analyzer, Vowel Sandhi Splitter, Hindi Homonym Marker et cetera. There is a long list of Sanskrit prose articles as reading excercises. Some student projects such as indices of Ayurveda Herbs, Mahabhaata characters, Arthashastra, Panchatantra Named Entities, Subhashita, Sanskrit Grammar, Karma-kanda, Brahma-sutra and dictionaries/kosha of Sanskrit-Assamese-Bangla, Sanskrit-Hindi, Halayudh-Kosha et cetera will also be very interesting. The index searching comes up with a pad for click-selection/Itrans typing. (Make sure to use viraama/halanta on third row first symbol for a joDAkShara). A few of these are downloadable as perl scripts. Many of the projects at the center are supervised by Dr. Girish Nath Jha.

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