Saturday, June 25, 2011

संस्कृतवाणी Sanskrit Central, A Sanskrit Aggregator, Books and Everything Sanskrit at http://sanskritcentral.com/. This is an expanding (scroll down the page to see) blog list planned to cover all that is posted for Sanskrit. The list is also presented as categorized one with major headings. Sanskrit-central's own blog provides rationale behind the blog-list collection effort requesting "Sanskrit Lovers ! Let us work together." "संस्कृतसेवायां, संस्कृतव्याप्तौ च सर्वे समभागिनः भवेयुः इति मे प्रार्थना ।" The site is compiling stotras from various online sources in a page Stotra Ratnakara to be displayed in different scripts using utilities at http://eemaata.com. Sanskrit-central has built its own Sanskrit toolbar संस्कृतवाणी toolbar, perhaps displaying different aspects other than covered by one built by Dev at http://sanskrittools.ourtoolbar.com/ which itself is quite comprehensive.

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