Sunday, April 19, 2015

Mathematics in Sanskrit poetry compilation introduces interesting facts about metrical counting in छन्दशास्त्रः ChandashAstra, Sanskrit prosody, Chamakam, the text in which "devotee prays for almost everything needed for human happiness and specifies each item," time measurement, Rama's bodily features in numbers as perceived by Hanumana, mathamatics in Carantic music et cetera. While this covers some of the popular aspects, the general topic of ancient Indian mathematics is addressed in many different places Wikipedia : Indian mathematics, History of Mathematics - The Indian Contribution, the story of Indian mathamatics, A Brief History of Ancient Indian Mathematics by Rajen Barua, Contribution to Mathematics by Sudheer Birodkar, History of Hindu Mathamatics parts 1 and 2, Ancient Hindu civilisation and mathematics by R.N. Das, Indian Mathematics in Sanskrit: Concepts and Achievements, et cetera.

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