Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sanskrit Sambhashana Sandesha is now available online at http://sambhashanasandesha.in. The site is now in a responsive, Mobile friendly format, displaying text and indices in Devanagari Unicode. "Sambhashana Sandesha (सम्भाषणसन्देश:) is a magazine published by Samskrita Bharati published from Aksharam, Bangalore." Copies since 1994 are posted in the archives section. The Sandesha has "articles that unearth the hidden treasures in Samskritam texts. It contains news, current affairs, articles, Samskritam news and events from across the world, stories for children and grown-ups, cartoons, crossword puzzles, vocabulary builders, and so on, all complete in Sanskrit. Subscribe to the magazine to receive future copies of the colorful, nicely printed, archival monthly magazine. Subscription is just a token of support and your appreciation of the cause. Support also the activities of "Samskrita Bharati, an organization of dedicated volunteers, who strive for the popularization of Samskrit, Samskriti and the Knowledge Tradition of Bharat". (Contact Bharat : Samskrita Bharathi, “Aksharam”, VIII cross, Girinagar II phase, Bangalore - 560 085). The details are also available at http://www.samskritabharati.org/.

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