Monday, May 25, 2015

Read interviews, reports, and couplets in Sanskrit on some photographs on Balaram Shukla's blog at https://balramshukla.wordpress.com/. This includes a discussion in modernity of Sanskrit संस्कृतस्य आधुनिकतया अभिसारः, by बजरङ्गबिहारी तिवारी, राधावल्लभः त्रिपाठी, बलराम शुक्लः, and प्रवीण पण्ड्या held under समन्वय, भारतीय भाषा महोत्सव, Samanvaya, a Festival of Indian Languages. Another prolonged interview with Prof. Ram Karan Sharma, with hopeful topic "In no time Sanskrit will be recognized as World Language" संस्कृतमेव न चिरात् विश्वभाषात्वं ग्रहीष्यति – आचार्यरामकरणशर्मा. Balaram Shukla has recorded videos of Sanskrit Poetry presented by Prof. Radha Vallabh Tripathi, Prof. Abhiraj Rajendra Mishra, Prof. Ram Karan Sharma, Prof. Ramakant Shukla in his collection of videos. Balaram Shukla himself is a faculty member of Sanskrit Department of University of Delhi, with mastery over Hindi, Sanskrit, Persian, and other languages. He is a recipient of Maharashi Badarayana Vyasa Samman Award from President of India as a young Sanskrit scholar (see video clip of award ceremony at 14.20 m/17.06).

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