Sunday, November 19, 2017

Visit "Sanskrit on Stamps" blog, a unique thematic collection of The Sanskrit Philatelist. It has "Stamps, Covers, Post Cards, and Postmarks" in Sanskrit, commemorated by Government of India and other countries such as Nepal, Germany, Mauritius. Explore the right side sub-menu to find individuals (Sanskrit scholars and national celebrities), universities, topics, and events/occasions for which the stamps and souvenirs were issued. P. S. Ramanathan has made the collection over the years and presented it with sharp photographs and relevant information. Some of the subjects include social themes such as Women in sanskrit literature, International year of shelter, 100 years of service to blind, International year of volunteers 2001, India love and care for elders et cetera.

Ramanathan highlights that "The theme I have selected for this Blog is – Sanskrit and Philately – on which topic I wish to focus my attention, the reason being its link with my learning and active interest in that marvellous language -- Sanskrit plus Philately" and that "Here, nothing is MINE. All the information is gathered around from brochures, books and the Internet. My sincere thanks are due to everyone for their contribution." Also, "I have 99% of the materials exhibited here. Might have a few extras which I wish to dispose of and utilize the funds to propagate Sanskrit. Seriously interested philatelic friends can contact me by sending a mail." Contact him at saketa.ram at gmail dot com.

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