Thursday, October 30, 2008

The translation of yogasutras of Patanjali (YSP), its commentaries, and links are available in various languages such as Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian, Russian, Sanskrit, Slovakian, Spanish, and Swedish, at the YSP site

There is another in Hindi by Surinder Shanker Anand at http://sites.google.com/site/shankyandy/Patanjal-Yog that is well documented with word meanings, translation, and commentary. The site has the entire book in PDF format along with many English articles on Adhyatma (Spiritualism) and lessons in Jyotish (Astrology). See the downloads section. It also has texts of Aditya Hridayam Stotra, Essence of Gita, Mind, Likes and dislikes, Vedic Sandhya etc. Author's basic motive behind "this effort is to spread the teachings of Maharshi Patanjali amongst the true seekers. But at the same time, it was the fervent desire to help needy and poor students in their education. Therefore, all the profit earned from the sale of this book will be utilized for this noble cause."

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sanskrit Dina at Pittsburgh, USA.
The विश्वसंस्कृतदिनं World Sanskrit Day was celebrated on October 18th in Pittsburgh. Many children participated in the event with their dances, shloka chanting, a skit, and songs. The अमृतवाणी Amritavani and त्रिवेणी Tiveni Sanskrit groups meet regularly to learn and converse in Sanskrit. The event was organized by Sanskrit Bharati, Pittsburgh with the help of other local groups. Click for program brochure and contact Shruthi Vembar for more details.

The Sudharma, Sanskrit Daily from Mysore is now online at http://sudharma.epapertoday.com. This newspaper is being published by K.V.Sampath Kumar from Mysore. It has been in print for the last 39 years. Contact sudharma.sanskritdaily@gmail.com, Phone : 0821-2442835 / 4287835 . Paypal donation is accepted.

संस्कृत भारती, कोंकण प्रदेश संस्कृत सम्मेलनं
Sanskrit Bharati, Konkan Pradesh Sanskrit Sammelanam
Dates - Nov-1 & 2 (coming Sat and Sun) 2008.
Time - from 9am on Nov 1 to 6pm on Nov 2.
Venue - Pendharkar college, MIDC area, Dombivali (east)
Fee - Rs.100 (with food and stay)
Lectures and programs-
- Nov 1. A formal inauguration of the संस्कृत विज्ञान प्रदर्शिनी Sanskrit-Vigyaan Pradarshini (charts and working models prepared on bases of ancient sanskrit texts)
- A formal inauguration of the Sammelanam by Shri Ramesh Jadhav (hon.Mayor) and key note address by the Sammelana-Adhyaksha Dr.Gauri Mahulikar (HOD Univ of Mum Dept of Sanskrit)
- A lecture by Shri Chandragupta Varnekar on Science in Sanskrit presided by Dr.Vijay Bedekar.
- A lecture on various efforts being made by various institutions all over the world for popularizing Sanskrit by Shri Chinmay Amshekar (Konkan Pranta Samyojaka- Samskrita Bharati)
- A Sanskrit drama को न याति वशं लोके "ko na yaati vashaM loke"
- Shobha yatra
- A special address by Shri Prabhaakar Panshekar (a famous personality in marathi theater)
- A special address by Shri Dinesh Kaamat (all india organisational head of SamskritaBharati)
- संस्कृत क्रीडोत्सव Samskrita Kreeda-utsav - simple games with running commentry in Sanskrit by Dr.Malhra Kulkarni (Prof. of Sanskrit at IIT Mumbai)
- An analysis of condition of Samskrita and its relevance in modern world
- कार्याभियान मास Kaarya-Abhiyana-Maasa - an interactive session about what each one of us can do for Sanskrit.
- Publication and Sale of new Samskrita-books
Click for invitation

For registration and details contact Sanskrit Bhasha, sanskritbhasha@gmail.com Neeraj Dandekar- 9820256996

Monday, October 27, 2008

Sanskrit Snehasammelan at Mulund (Mumbai) held on 29th September, 2008
Maharashtra Seva Sangh, Mulund held its second Sanskrit Shehasammelanam with 500 delegates attending. It was a day long program, extremely well organized. Following were the highlights:
a. Inauguration at the hands of Jyotirbhaskar Jayantrao Salgaoncar and Shri Prabhakarpant Panshikar
b. Upanishad recital
c. Dialogue with experts (Q&A from participants) from a variety of fields related to Sanskrit.
d Sanskrit Orchestra, presented by Sanskrit Bhasha Sanstha founded by Ga. Vaa. Karandikar.
e. Sanskrit Prashnottari (Quiz), presented by Sanskrit Bhasha Sanstha founded by Ga. Vaa. Karandikar.
f. Two Sanskrit One-act plays: Aksha Eva Jayate by Mrs. Manjoosha Gokhale and Mukta (Aatoon Kirtan Varun Tamasha) written by Prabhakar Bhatkhande, the prime mover for last 23 years for Sanskrit speaking programs in the region.
g. Geet Dattatreyam (based on compositions of Sanskrit Shahir Nanivadekarji)
h. Sanskrit Antakshari conducted by Dr. Tanmay Almadi & Sau. Surekha Joshi entirely in Sanskrit preceded by their rendering of Sanskrit songs brilliantly. Dr. Tanmay Almadi's Sanskrit translation of "Mana udhaan varyachhe" which he himself sang, received a great acclaim.

Contact for Sanskrit Bhasha Sanstha (founded by Ga. Vaa. Karandikar, now 85)
A 402, Shanti Apartment,
Mahakali Nagar, Vidyalaya Marg,
Mulund (E), Mumbai 400 081 Tel 2563 2253

There were many stalls for selling Sanskrit books / CDs including Amarakosha recitations based on the spardhaa organized by Tarangini Khot, daughter of Prabhakar Panshikar.

Listen and download Marathi kirtan mostly by संत श्री बाबा महाराज सातारकर in MP3 format. The audio clips are produced and the section moderated by Haridas Badwe, who also maintains collection of BhagvadGeeta, Dnyaneshwari, and Marathi/Hindi Bhajans.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

॥ वृत्तेन आर्यो भवति ॥ "vR^ittena Aryo bhavati" is the guiding principle for a new site SuSanskrit.org. संस्कृत के बिना भारत की भव्य संस्कृति, नीतिमूल्यों, और जीवनमूल्यों को यथास्वरुप समझना संभव नहीं । It is developed to promote Sanskrit and Sanskriti for layman as a non-profit initiative. The site is displayed in Devanagari Unicode with Hindi translation. (set your browser for UTF8 encoding everytime). It contains subhAshita-s by subject, suktis (one liners), useful articles in Hindi, Gita chapters and more. You can contribute with your entries. विद्यार्थीयों की संस्कृत में रुचि और भाषासमागम बढाने के यज्ञ में सम्मिलित होने की भावना भी यहाँ ज़रुर रही है । It also facilitates searching, sorting, and Devanagari/Hindi (and other scripts) typing using Pramukh Pad developed by Vishal Monpara.

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